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Redding School of the Arts

Redding School of the Arts Amphitheater Seating and Stages


2007 Dream Homes Northern California

An Exclusive Showcase of Northern California's Finest Architects

Redding School of the Arts Amphitheater Seating and Stages




Redding School of the Arts Amphitheater Seating and Stages




Redding School of the Arts Amphitheater Seating and Stages



in Shasta County, California

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for Your Interior Design


In a profession dominated by specialty design, we pride ourselves on being generalists.  Whether the project is large or small, if it involves a high level of design, count us in.

Our services include:

With us it’s our culture, not our conversation.

These days it seems every architect is talking about “green” design.  What makes us different?

We designed the first LEED for Schools 2009 platinum certified school in the world.

We designed the first LEED certified healthcare facility (GOLD), multi-family residence (GOLD), single-family residence (GOLD), and hotel (in process) in Shasta County.

80% of the electricity for our live-work downtown building is provided by a roof-mounted photovoltaic array.

80% of our professional staff is LEED accredited.

We are the first architecture firm in Northern California to have a certified Green Globes Professional on staff.

We are the first north state architecture firm to join the AIA 2030 Commitment.

Design for the World-in-between

In his TEDxRedding talk given in February of 2012, principal architect and Trilogy founder James Theimer discusses how architects can provide tools for making outdoor space more comfortable as a live-work environment by the way they design.  Listen to this 13 minute talk to learn more about the core philosophy behind Trilogy Architecture.

Public TV Interview on Green Architecture

In his 2015 interview on KIXE’s “The Forum”,  James speaks about Trilogy’s ideals, how to make your home more sustainable, downtown revitalization, and what he thinks is the most important attribute for an architect to possess.  Listen to learn a little more about why this architect – even after 25 years in business – still loves the art of design.

Consider Trilogy if

You’re Looking For…

…creativity over experience in one particular type of building.

Oh, we’re experienced.  It’s just that our experience comes from doing different kinds of projects,  keeping our approach fresh and our ideas unique.

We believe that architecture is more about us listening to our current client’s needs rather than the client listening to how we designed for someone else in the past.

But chances are we’ve done at least one of  the kind of project you are looking to do; here’s just a small sample of our past projects:

  • Living Design

    Trilogy has always designed environmentally sensible buildings. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is just one way for our clients to publicly embrace their environmental awareness.  But LEED certified or not, We believe that ALL buildings need to be eco-friendly within the limits of their budget constraints.

  • Un-Design

    Sometimes as architects we need to step back from our need for design “ownership”.  When we have the opportunity to work with a historically significant building, then our job is more about interpretation than design.  Whether renovation or restoration, we understand how the process works.

  • More Than Design

    Truly affordable housing is a critical part of what we want to accomplish as an architecture firm.  We understand that at the end of the day the home, no matter how simple, needs to allow its occupant a sense of dignity and comfort while working within what is almost always a limited budget.

  • Your Design

    We may be the architect, but you are the reason we love doing design.  As a design studio, we are all part of your team.

What others say about us

Foundation for Promoting Arts Education

“Since 2004, through the building endeavors of Redding School of the Arts and the ongoing children’s theatre project for the Foundation for Promoting Arts Education (FPAE), I have had the great pleasure of getting to know James both personally and professionally.

In reference to the Raven and the Unicorn Children’s Theater

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Foundation for Promoting Arts EducationNon-Profit ClientAbout the Foundation for Promoting Arts Education
McConnell Foundation

“In designing Redding School of the Arts’ new campus, [Trilogy] created a visionary school that met the challenges of our programmatic requirements and far exceeded our expectations.”

In reference to the Redding School of the Arts facilities

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McConnell FoundationNon-Profit ClientAbout the McConnell Foundation
Doni Chamberlain
“James Theimer and his team at Trilogy Architecture made my dream home a reality. I especially appreciated how Trilogy kept us in the design loop, which made the end product that much more special. The result was a once-in-a-lifetime customized and personalized living space that exceeded my wildest expectations.”
Doni ChamberlainResidential Client
JPR Foundation

“It’s impossible to name all the vendors who have worked so carefully and passionately to realize this dream and I’m not going to try. But one other party absolutely must be mentioned.”

In reference to the Cascade Theatre Restoration

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JPR FoundationNon-Profit ClientAbout the JPR Foundation
City of Redding, California

“The Redding City Council applauds James Theimer for his efforts to promote downtown revitalization.”

David McGeorge, Mayor
City of Redding


City of Redding, CaliforniaClientCity of Redding Website
Hill Country Health & Wellness Center

“Construction projects aren’t easy, but working with Trilogy made the design of Hill Country’s 12,000 square foot expansion project a creative pleasure. ”

In reference to the Hill Country Health & Wellness Center expansion

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Hill Country Health & Wellness CenterNon-Profit Client - About the Hill Country Health & Wellness CenterAbout Hill Country Health & Wellness Center